The Royal Glass development project was given a significant boost: the final model was ready to be tested under real conditions. The model was presented to a group of winegrowers made up of Richard Geoffroy (former cellar master at Dom Pérignon), Marie-Thérèse Chappaz (Swiss biodynamic winegrower), Anselme Selosse (Jacques Selosse’s winegrower), the “Foucault brothers” (Clos Rougeard winegrowers) and Stéphane Derenoncourt (consultant oenologist), who were invited to use it during their regular tastings.


The reaction of the winemakers was immediately positive. They observed a significant difference in the way the wines were presented by the new glass, highlighting a clear improvement in the representation of the complexity and finesse of their wine, often masked by caricatured tasting glasses. Encouraged by this enthusiastic feedback, Laurent Vialette and Jean-Pierre Lagneau decided to continue developing and perfecting the wine glass


Polymaster 34cl


Ultima 40cl


Gran Ultima 54cl