Gran Ultima

All-grape, All-terroir, All-terrain

The perfect glass is universal, suitable for red, white, and even sparkling wines. It is designed to let the wine speak, offering a blank canvas on which the wine can freely express its true essence.

It is in this quest for the ideal glass that Royal Glass introduced a revolution: a glass capable of accommodating every grape variety, every terroir, every nuance.

Voted the best wine glass by La Revue du Vin de France with a score of 19/20, this glass is not just an object, it is the result of a passionate research.

The details matter

Royal Glass breaks traditional barriers with a unique all-terrain design, proving that simplicity can coexist with sophistication:

Germany, renowned worldwide in the field of glassmaking for its historical expertise, guarantees unmatched and impeccable production quality

This high-quality material ensures great durability and optimal resistance to shocks and cracks

Royal Glass wine glasses, free from heavy metals, are fully recyclable. Heavy metals can also alter the wine, but thanks to the total absence of these metals in our glasses, the purity and natural quality of the wine are perfectly preserved during tasting.

The first wine glass developed by industry experts, suitable for all types of wines and grape varieties. It simplifies your glassware choice and saves you from purchasing multiple types of glasses.

Our glasses are designed to last, and our certification guarantees that they can withstand up to 50,000 washes without alteration

A unique model, available in three different sizes (34 cl, 40 cl, and 54 cl) to suit all tables and settings.

“The Ultima is an impressive glass that respects the wine’s balance. Unanimously chosen for its versatility, it expresses both white and red wines harmoniously and precisely. The champagne is well defined too”.

The quest for the perfect wine glass

At the heart of every great wine lies a story of people, land, and tradition. To tell these stories, the choice of glass is crucial. This instrument is essential for releasing the aromas and complex flavors of the wine crafted by the winemaker.

This oenological grail quest leads us to a question that few can answer: What is the perfect glass?


Fifteen years of research and development, and an unprecedented collaboration between winemakers, sommeliers, and master glassmakers were necessary.

The Royal Glass is not just a product, it is a promise kept: to reveal each wine in its most beautiful expression. This glass ensures that every grape variety, every terroir, and every vintage will be faithfully interpreted and naturally preserved.

The result of an empirical research

In this quest for perfection, over two hundred prototypes were created during nearly 15 years of research. Each of these prototypes was the result of an ongoing dialogue between renowned winemakers from all regions, such as Henri Jayer, but also esteemed sommeliers, and master glassmakers.

These efforts ultimately led to the creation of this unique model of wine glasses: Royal Glass.

J’ai reçu ma commande Royal Glass…une belle découverte !

J’ai reçu ma commande Royal Glass…un Graal et 4 verres Gran Ultima (le Set Luxe) et j’en suis très satisfait : Esthétiquement, ces verres sont parfaits, et côté gustatif ils amènent indéniablement un énorme “plus” dans la dégustation des vins ! C’est étonnant et tellement génial qu’il me sera difficile de boire des vins dans d’autres contenants à l’avenir…

Daniel / via Trustpilot

Verre excellent !

Verre excellent ! Se tiens très bien en main ! Et la carafe superbe

Maurice Cataudella / via Trustpilot

Vraiment agréablement surpris

Vraiment agréablement surpris par la qualité de ce verre, sans compter le « boost » à la dégustation. Mes doutes quant aux louanges lues dans les différentes revues ont disparu dès la 1ère utilisation.

valeminas / via Trustpilot

Les verres m’ont bluffés

Je bois du vin très fréquemment, et je ne m’attendais pas à voir une telle différence gustative (positive évidemment). C’est sûr, je les adopte. J’envisage d’acheter le décanteur très bientôt… Merci !

Coline Cervelin / via Trustpilot

Supers expérience d’achat !

Superbes produits ! L’expérience de dégustation est impressionnante (je vous encourage à servir le même vin dans un verre Royal Glass et un simple verre à vin) ces verres sont magiques et révèlent le potentiel des vins. Idem pour la carafe qui est top et surtout avec un format facile à nettoyer. Sans oublier un suivi parfait et une écoute du client. J’avais quelques questions avant mon achat et les conseils ont été top !

Yann / via Trustpilot

Highly recommended

The delivery was swift and the glasses are superb. You really can taste the wine more fully than in other glasses I have used.

Gordon / via Trustpilot

Frequently asked

Yes, its design is based on the experience of a team of wine experts, tasters, and renowned winemakers such as Henri Jayer, who created over 200 prototypes to ensure that this glass is suitable for all types of wine.

Additionally, the Grand Jury du Vin uses only Royal Glass glasses during its tastings worldwide. Whether for the 1er Grands Crus of Bordeaux, the orange wines of Georgia, the Grands Crus of Burgundy, or the old vintages of Champagne.

Now, we have a question for you: Don’t you think that industrial companies also have commercial interests in selling you a different glass for each type of wine and grape variety?

All orders are carefully inspected and hand-packed. They are then placed in reinforced boxes to ensure a safe delivery within 72 hours.

Additionally, all our shipments are guaranteed.

Choosing a multi-purpose Royal Glass means opting for simplicity and efficiency. With our approach, endorsed by La Revue du Vin de France, you benefit from considerable space-saving at home, and no more hesitation when choosing a glass.

Additionally, by limiting the number of glasses needed, our solution is eco-friendly, reducing the environmental footprint associated with production and cleaning. Royal Glass embodies the perfect balance between functionality, environmental respect, and the pleasure of tasting.

Yes, all Royal Glass glasses are perfectly suited for dishwasher cleaning, ensuring their shine and clarity cycle after cycle. To keep your glasses in perfect condition, here are some practical tips:

  • Proper spacing: Make sure to space your glasses adequately in the dishwasher to prevent them from touching each other or other items.
  • Use of racks: If your dishwasher is equipped with them, use glass racks for optimal support during washing.
  • Water quality: To maintain the impeccable shine of your glasses, opt for soft water with low mineral content.

If you follow these tips, your Royal Glass lenses will look as good as new, even after years of use.

Yes, Royal Glass delivers its products all over the world. We regularly ship to many countries, including Switzerland, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States. So you can order our products wherever you are.

As soon as you confirm your basket and payment online, you will instantly receive an e-mail with a link enabling you to track the processing, dispatch and delivery of your order. To find out the exact status of your order until you receive your Royal Glass at home or at a relay point, simply click on this tracking link.

If you cannot find the e-mail containing the tracking link, we advise you to check both your inbox and your spam folder. If you still cannot find the e-mail, please contact us at this e-mail address

Our team will then access your account to find your order and send you the tracking link by e-mail, or will contact you directly to assist you.

The Quadrilobe is much more than a simple ornament at the foot of our glasses. It is the company’s emblematic signature, assuring our customers that they are holding an authentic Royal Glass in their hands.

The shape of the Quadrilobe, inspired by historical architectural foundations, has been used in many civilisations, from ancient Egypt to the sacred places of the Church. This solid architectural design, incorporated at the junction between the plate and the base of the glass, gives the latter strength and durability over many years.

The four petals of the Quadrilobe also symbolise the four essential memories of wine, a profound representation of the art of winemaking:

  1. The memory of the soil: The unique terroir where the vines have grown, influencing the character and flavour of the wine.
  2. The memory of the vintage: The particular climatic conditions of the harvest year, which leave a unique mark on each vintage.
  3. The memory of the winemaker’s work: The winemaker’s know-how and passion, from cultivating the vines to bottling.
  4. The memory of the passing of time: The ageing of the wine, the place where it is kept and the evolution of its aromas and flavours over time.

The Quadrilobe is therefore much more than an aesthetic symbol, it embodies the values and aspirations of Royal Glass.

Yes, at Royal Glass we offer a screen-printing service on all our glass models. You can personalise your glasses with various options, such as :

  • Engraving a 1dl line on your glasses
  • Addition of your company logo
  • Selection of the colour of your choice

The cost of screen printing varies according to your specifications. For this service, please contact our team directly at :

Please note that there may be minimum quantities required for screen printing orders.

“Ce verre impressionne, il respecte le vin dans son équilibre”

La revue du vin de France

“Les experts ont trouvé leur verre idéal”


“Le verre parfait”

Michel Lafon

“Un verre universel”

Le Monde

“Le meilleur rapport qualité/prix du marché”

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