Our founders spent years of painstaking research and development to accomplish just one thing: create the perfect wine tasting glass. Combining modern engineering with classical wine expertise, we’ve created a state-of-the-art design that is specially crafted to optimize and enhance every wine–to reveal each wine’s full flavor profile and hidden notes in a way that no other wine glass can. Your first sip from a Royal Glass will change the way you taste your wine forever.

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French innovation

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Made in Germany

“Ce verre impressionne, il respecte le vin dans son équilibre”

La revue du vin de France

“Les experts ont trouvé leur verre idéal”


“Le verre parfait”

Michel Lafon

“Un verre universel”

Le Monde

“Le meilleur rapport qualité/prix du marché”

Europe 1

“The Ultima is an impressive glass that respects the wine’s balance. Unanimously chosen for its versatility, it expresses both white and red wines harmoniously and precisely. The champagne is well defined too”.

Royal Glass is based in France, home to many of the world’s best wine producers, tasters and renowned restaurants.

Our range of wine glasses is made in Germany, to the highest possible standards. To meet the needs of all wine lovers throughout the world, we offer shipping to any location, wherever you may be.

The ultimate tasting experience

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