An idea forged at 1,200°C

Royal Glass wine glasses are produced in our workshop in the heart of Germany. It is distinguished by a manufacturing process that combines traditional glassmaking with modern technology.

The design process began with hundreds of drawings and between 150 & 200 prototypes to bring Royal Glass to life.

The purest raw material

Each Royal Glass wine glass is crafted from barium crystal, chosen for its impact resistance and exceptional brilliance.

During manufacture, we use a unique composition:
– Pure sand from the Netherlands and Belgium, to avoid any imperfections.
– Recycled glass, to have the lowest possible impact on the environment.
– A little soda ash, to guarantee the shine of the glass.

Furthermore, our glass is entirely lead-free, which guarantees not only that it is safe to use but also that it is completely recyclable.

Crystallisation at 150°C

Our wine glasses undergo an innovative heat treatment: immediately after being shaped, they are air-tempered and cooled to 150°C. This rapid cooling process crystallises the glass, specifically reinforcing the rim over a height of 1.5 cm.

This revolutionary method ensures exceptional strength and durability of the glass.

All these criteria, rigorously respected, contribute to the brilliance and strength of Royal Glass wine glasses.

Separate to excel

At the heart of our process, the glass leg is carefully stretched to the ideal height, only the glass plate is made separately.

Separating the manufacture of the plate from the rest of the glass means that production processes can be optimised. For example, the technical specifications for the thickness and strength of the base can be adjusted independently, without compromising the aesthetics or functionality of the rest of the glass.

The heat-sealing technique

The plate is then heat-welded to the glass leg, creating a virtually monolithic joint. This method, which is superior to the gluing used by many brands, ensures greater resistance to impact and pressure, reducing the risk of breakage during everyday use.

As a final touch of robustness, a 4-petalled ‘flower’, also known as a ‘ quadrilobe’, has been integrated at the precise point of the junction, guaranteeing solid construction from the plate to the lip of the glass. To find out more about the signature quadrilobe, click here.

Laser precision and human expertise

Perfection is our constant quest. Throughout the production chain, rigorous quality controls are carried out using lasers to measure with unrivalled precision.

However, it is the human touch that completes our process.

Each glass is visually and manually inspected by expert craftsmen, ensuring that only those that meet our high standards reach your table.

At the end of these technological and human inspections, only 60% of glasses meet the Royal Glass standard.