Set of 2 Ultima – 40cl


Set of 2 glasses (17.90€ per glass)
H 234m | D 84mm | W 160g
Timeless elegance to create exceptional moments

Ultima wine glass

The luxurious “Ultima” by Royal Glass is perfect for enjoying your wine in the comfort of your home with an additional touch of elegance. Designed for universal use, this glass is suitable for any type of wine, making it an exceedingly practical choice for your collection. Its lead-free barium crystal construction manufactured in Germany makes it both sustainable and 100% recyclable as well as dishwasher-safe and impressively sturdy.

Crafted by experts in the fields of wine and acoustics, this glass has been meticulously engineered to bring out the true flavour profile of every wine in all its complexity. 15 years of scientific research have gone into developing its innovative design, which allows the taster to perceive every subtle expression of the fruit and terroir like no other glass on the market.

It’s this superior level of expertise and continual refinement which have allowed us to create the ideal tasting glass, sure to delight even the most discerning wine lovers. Treat yourself to the wine tasting experience you deserve!

Set of 2 glasses

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