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Malbec vs. Merlot: What’s the Difference?

An assortment of different types of wine on a wine rack.

Malbec and Merlot are two of the most popular wines on the market, and they do have some remarkably similar traits- making the question ‘what is the difference between malbec and merlot’ a question that may seem to have a relatively technical answer. However, there are many different nuances and complexities that set both of […]

Merlot vs Cabernet Sauvignon: What’s the Difference?

Six bottles of red wine lined up on a rack with some vineyard photos in the background.

Merlot and Cabernet are both red wines that are commonly grown and sold around the world. While Cabernet commonly refers to the most popular of the Cabernets, Cabernet Sauvignon it can also refer to a multitude of different types of grape, such as Cabernet Franc, Gros, or Dorsa- and more. Cabernet Sauvignon is in fact […]

Chardonnay vs Sauvignon Blanc: What is the Difference?

Bunches of green grapes on a vine at a vineyard.

Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are arguably the two most popular white wines in the world. They’re both very widely grown and sold- you will probably be able to find both of them in every store that sells wine, and in every restaurant that sells wine. However, the two wines being produced from green-skinned grapes and […]

Pairing Wine With Seafood and Fish: Which Wine to Choose

A bottle of wine, a seafood plate, and a woman's hand holding a glass of white wine.

Pairing wine with seafood or fish is something that is often done- and can also often be done wrong. Seafood isn’t really like other things that you might pair wine with. There are many different facets to both seafood (are we talking about shellfish? Squid? Normal whitefish?), and wine (red, white, sparkling?). This can make […]