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€110,00 - Set exclusif contenant un décanteur Graal et deux Ultima 40cl

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  • The ideal set that combines elegance and perfect vitalisation.

    • Our decanter’s bioenergetic properties meet the vitalising effect of our glasses to invigorate your wines with their optimal vitality, and transport you as if you were tasting them in the heart of the vineyards.
    • The perfect tasting: Chosen by the Revue du Vin de France as best decanter (18/20) and best wine glasses (19/20), they will enchant even the most demanding among wine lovers.
    • Universal: The Graal and Ultima glasses offer a harmonious and precise tasting experience of every wine: red, white, rosé, sparkling, being ideally suited to all grape varieties and terroirs.
    • Harmonious: Thanks to our range’s proprietary design, the wines are rendered with perfect stability during the entire tasting. Enjoy smooth, consistent sensory impressions, without any alterations nor interruptions.
    • Elegant: Elevate your table with the timeless elegance of the Ultima’s extended stem. With its clean and distinctive design, the Graal is a modern luxury wineware staple.
    • Pure: Produced in barium crystal to avoid any use of lead, our glasses have a pure, crystalline sound and are entirely recyclable.
    • Resistant: The Ultima and Graal are dishwasher-safe and have been created with optimised resistance in mind.
    • Practical: With our universal glasses perfectly adapted to all wines and occasions, say goodbye to clutter!

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    French Innovation

    Made in Europe

    "Unanimously chosen for its versatility. The glass respects the wine's balance. It expresses both white and red wines harmoniously and precisely. The champagne is well defined too."

    Awarded best wine glass by the RVF, 19/20

    "A wine pairing without Royal Glass in an incomplete culinary experience."

    Edgard Bovier - Chef, Lausanne Palace

    "The wines are perfectly vitalized in this unique design. It takes your tasting experience to a whole new level."

    Enrico Bernardo - Meilleur Sommelier du Monde

    The secret to the Royal Glass tasting experience

    Check out our tasting curves



    • Harsh attack
    • Hollow mid-palate
    • Abrupt finish
    • Aftertaste dry and short

    In a non-vitalizing glass, the structure of the mouth is confusing, with brutal intensity variations throughout the different phases of the tasting (attack, mid-palate, finish, aftertaste), it lacks cohesiveness and harmony.



    • Precise attack
    • Full mid-palate
    • Alive finish
    • Smooth and long aftertaste

    Thanks to Royal Glass' vitalizing effect, the flow of impressions and emotions is smooth and continuous. Through the entire tasting sequence, the wine expresses the harmonious balance of its original fruit and its terroir's identity.

    Join us and rediscover the emotion of wine


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