The Polymaster

The Polymaster

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PRICE OF BOX: €53,40
Box of 6
Capacity: 34cl
Height: 206mm
Diameter: 70mm
Weight: 160g
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  • Royal Glass’s original engineering achievement and BEST SELLER.

  • UNIVERSAL : The Polymaster gives a faithful image of all wines: red, rose, white and sparkling.

  • HARMONIOUS : During the entire tasting sequence, this glass delivers continuous and consistent sensations, free of fluctuations or interruptions.

  • BIOENERGETICThe structural design of the glass creates a bioenergetic effect that infuses the wine back with all its vitality, making its flavor perfectly stable in time.
  • SUSTAINABLE : Barium crystal, lead-free, recyclable, dishwasher-safe.
  • HIGH-FIDELITY SPEAKER : A unique glass that delivers all the complexity of great wines. It reveals the mineral character and tactile cues that allow the precise identification of each terroir. The Polymaster empowers the taster, who can make a perfect sensory synthesis and a precise reading of the balance of each wine.

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